Launching the Inspire Learning Marketing Club

Inspire Learning has been successfully running marketing workshops since 2015. These have covered a range of topics from marketing strategy and copywriting to blogging and social media.

Our experience of running these has given us a couple of important insights:

  1. Business owners often focus on the wrong things when attempting to promote their product or service to their customers – the essential basics are not often in place
  2. Business owners want and need ongoing support when they have attended a workshop or seminar – otherwise they rarely put things into action

This has led us to launch the Inspire Learning Marketing Club. Because we have met so many business owners that feel overwhelmed by marketing but could achieve so much more in their business if they had the right support and marketing knowledge.

Knowledge is power. Equally powerful is the rich experience of being able to work on your business with like-minded business owners sharing insights, ideas and experiences.

The aim of the Marketing Club is to help business owners in SW London and Surrey master marketing to grow their business.

Our insightful and practical approach (we’ve run businesses for over 20 years) will help you to do LESS, but do the RIGHT things, and do them WELL.

The clear steps we take you through will focus on your product or service, your customers and your numbers – but in a different way to what you are probably used to – to give you the clarity to choose the right marketing tactics, and do them well.

This happens through useful knowledge sessions where a number of businesses get together, our online learning library and facilitated mentoring sessions where you work on your business with like-minded business owners.

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