Can Social Media really help GROW your business?

There’s a lot of hype about social media and its potential for business marketing.

Social media ‘experts’ continually evangelise that your business simply has to be ‘on’ Facebook, Pinterest and the rest. Then you hear Google has lost interest in Google+. Suddenly everyone is flocking to Instagram. Meanwhile, the future of Twitter is unclear as its share price collapses.

It’s hard to differentiate hype from truth amidst all the mixed messages.

Are we reaching social media fatigue? Is it all one big fad that business owners can choose to ignore?

One thing’s for sure. Everything will continue to change. Best practice is constantly evolving and nobody has all the answers.

Our own advice to business owners is simple.

Focus on what you do best – providing excellent service to your customers.

Then use relevant social media channels to reach out and showcase the impact of your products and services. Use LinkedIn to build relationships. Engage with your existing customers via social media to help them spread the word further.

The fact is that as long as your potential customers are spending time on Facebook or Pinterest, it is definitely an opportunity for you to exploit. If your ideal customers or strategic partners can be found on LinkedIn (and they most probably can), it’s a valuable resource for you to tap into.

So in our view, whilst there’s certainly a lot of hype out there, social media is most definitely a viable marketing (and customer service) channel.

But a word of warning.

Time is not an unlimited resource. It’s vital that you focus your social media activity in the places where it will have the most impact. Making use of appropriate automation tools can help make you even more efficient.

Most importantly, you need a social media marketing strategy in place.

A plan for creating and sharing the right content that will help lead prospective customers along the buying journey. Mechanisms to drive extra traffic to your website and capture data so that you can continue to market to those people.

If you want to get up to speed quickly on what you should be doing, which social media platforms are right for your marketplace and how to get real business results from your activities, check out our upcoming workshops.

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