About The Club

The Inspire Learning Marketing Club is a membership network launched in November 2016 by three experienced marketers who are also business owners.

We meet SO many businesses that have wasted time and money doing stuff that is never going to work. And often, the basics aren’t in place for any marketing activity to be effective.

Our ethos is to help you focus on doing the right things – and to do them well.

We meet monthly at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club. Each month is led by a 45 minute knowledge session  – the really useful marketing that every business should know – NOT dry theory or overstated hype.

Everyone gets so much value from the ideas sharing that follows the talk.

Membership of our club means you no longer have to work it all out alone.

“It’s the new networking!”

Here’s what happens

  • Monthly meet-up starts at 8.30am with relaxed networking over coffee, fruit and croissants in the beautiful surroundings of Hampton Court Palace Golf Club
  • 45 minute Knowledge Session facilitated by an entrepreneurial marketer will give up-to-the-minute insights on a specific aspect of marketing
  • Bite sized learning won’t overwhelm you, but will give you practical and inspiring food-for-thought ideas to grow your business
  • 25 minute Q&A’s to share perspectives
  • Networking feels easy as there is a common interest to talk about, finishes 10.30am
  • Online downloads after each session and reminder emails help to keep the momentum to put into practice what you learn in the sessions
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Who’s behind the Inspire Learning Marketing Club?

Nick Taimitarha

Nick Taimitarha

Jacqui Taimitarha

Jacqui Taimitarha

David Swift

David Swift

Inspire Learning is a marketing training organisation for independent businesses launched in 2016 by entrepreneurial marketers – Nick Taimitarha, Jacqui Taimitarha and Dave Swift.

The last 10 years has seen marketing evolve at a dramatic pace – it’s hard for full time marketers to keep up, let alone business owners.

It is through meeting so many frustrated business owners that we made the decision to launch Inspire Learning Marketing Club.

What we bring to the table is hands-on business experience in both B2B and B2C sectors and a wealth of marketing knowledge.

‘How can we get more customers’ is the question we get asked the most. But when we drill down, what most businesses really want is to grow their profits. This can be achieved in simpler ways than you may think – you certainly don’t need to be on every marketing channel out there to grow your business.

Speaking, presenting and training is what we really enjoy – imparting our wisdom and knowledge to inspire others to make smarter choices and get things done.

The approach we take will help you to see things from a different perspective and really nail down who your right customers are, what’s most important to them and how to effectively communicate with them.

Are you:

Frustrated at spending time on marketing without seeing results?
Frustrated at NOT spending time on marketing because it all seems so complicated and you don’t have the will to start?
Fed up not knowing if the efforts you are making to grow your business will prove worth it – success seems a long way off?
Wanting to find a more fruitful and enjoyable way to network with other businesses?

If you answered yes to at least one of these, then you will benefit from time spent at the Inspire Learning Marketing Club…

Membership information

Membership of the Inspire Learning Marketing Club is just £49*+vat per month. This is an introductory rate for the first 20 founding members and is paid by Direct Debit with a 3 month minimum initial membership period.

Our monthly Knowledge and Network sessions are exclusively open to current members of the Inspire Learning Marketing Club.

Non-members are invited to attend our FREE Business Booster Session so you can see what our community is all about.

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